Interactive Animatic

HeARt Beat

Cllient: Prof. Michael Corrin

Audience:  Undergraduate physiology and medical students

Media: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Zbrush, Maya, Unity3D.


When studying cardiology, undergraduate physiology and medical students are required to relate key points in an EKG cycle with biomechanical events in the human cardiac cycle. Currently, the majority of available learning resources are 2D static image sequences. As 2D media only allows for fixed (and often simplified) views of heart anatomy, it is limited in its ability to comprehensively convey the dynamic movement of cardiac muscles and blood flow. This project was an assignment in an advanced media design class with the goal of creating an interactive study tool to help students quickly grasp the relationship between events on an EKG with electrical events and structural changes to the heart. The technical goals of this assignment were to design the app interface, integrate data-driven 3D models and animations into an interactive platform, and develop a functional application for a ubiquitous mobile platform.

This project was created with co-illustrators Alex Mykris and Elijah Lee. My role as project manager and designer was to design an interface that placed the user at its core, create game-ready assets and animations, develop branding materials such as the logo, and manage the scope and timeline of the project.  Shown here are the wireframes and interactive animatic I created to inform the team and client on functional and design requirements for development.