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Splenic Marginal Zone Lymphoma (SMZL)

Client: Dr. Shelley Wall, Dr. John Wong

Audience: Educated lay audience

Media: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Splenic marginal zone lymphoma is a cancer that targets a specific population of splenic cells, the marginal zone B cells. These cells proliferate as villous lymphocytes and slowly overtake the normal cell population, invading both red and white zones of the spleen. In late stages, this often results in a gross pathology of splenomegaly. The goal of this sequential illustration prepared for magazine layout is to familiarize the audience with the typical splenic molecular components, to describe the progressive pathological changes of the lymphoma over time, and to relate the microscopic molecular changes caused by the cancer to the macroscopic characteristic of splenomegaly.

This sketch was created as a study of normal marginal zone tissue structure. The goal was to integrate my preliminary research of splenic molecular elements and composition into a visual that describes how splenic tissue may appear at a microscopic level. (M=Macrophages, D= dendritic cells, P= plasma cells, MZB= marginal zone B cells).

This sketch was as study in visualizing splenic tissue on a more macroscopic level. Depicted here are the larger structural elements such as splenic sinusoids (Ss) and splenic nodules (Sn).